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Garage Sale shack equipment VK2ZCV

Keith Anderson, VK2FKJA says:

Would it be possible to place a notice on the club website advising of a Garage Sale being held this coming Saturday at the home address of Bill Sinclair VK2ZCV.

Also there is photographs of some equipment that is for sale by auction on the Facebook page.

Any help in promoting this would I am sure be appreciated by Bill’s family as Bill is still in rehabilitation at Wauchope Hospital; he is recovering slowly.

Many Thanks, Keith Anderson VK2FKJA

and adds:

This was posted on ORARC Facebook page because we want the best result for Bill ZCV and too many cooks spoil the broth but any help and assistance will be appreciated by Bill’s family.

This is the link for you to access to gather any material you would like to post on any editorial on the clubs home page  or email the membership – Oxley Region Amateur Radio Club Facebook Page/Photos/Albums/2 August 2016

Regards … Keith

Ashley Anderson You’re welcome to distribute the photos and information wherever you see fit. The purpose is to let as many people know as possible so that everybody gets to the chance to pick up some equipment for a good price while helping Bill get the best offer for his equipment.

This method has worked very successfully in the past.
We used this method at the Tamworth club and opened it to everybody to make an offer. We had no time frame on the bidding and the final offer would be considered when there was no more offers on the item.

Port Mac is obviously not a destination people can visit just for a garage sale, so for those who cannot attend they can make an offer via the photos on this page.

Please direct any queries regarding the above information to either or enquire via the Facebook group.

For Sale: Yaesu FT-757GX II Transceiver


Yaesu GX-757 11 Front

Steve VK2ZSW is offering his Yaesu FT-757GX II Transceiver for sale.  Steve writes:

The radio in excellent condition, comes with original manual, power cable and hand microphone, plus computer programming/control cable. Never used mobile or portable.

Manuals at the following links:

Price $400, plus any shipping.

Contact Steve at 0422 882 335 or email ‘stevow01 (at) bigpond (dot) com’.

Yaesu GX-757 11 Rear  Yaesu GX-757 11 Top

Equipment For Sale

Graham VK2TRM in Kendall has some used gear he’d like to sell.

For sale is a Yaesu FT707, FC707 and FP7087, plus a Kenwood TS130S and assorted accessories (pictured).  Graham says:

I had the FP707, FC707, FT707 and TS130s serviced in Sydney some years ago and they have been in storage from then.  I am sure they all are working.  I would like someone to buy the lot and am willing to see them go at $450 for everything or close to.

Interested parties should contact Graham on 0429 940 626 – licenced amateurs only please.

Click the images for high-resolution versions.

IMG_0957 IMG_0956 IMG_0955 IMG_0945 IMG_0944 IMG_0942 IMG_0939 IMG_0937 IMG_0935

For Sale: ICOM IC-7410 HF/6m ATU 100W Transceiver


Stuart VK2FSTU writes:

I am selling my Icom 7410 as I need a unit that has VHF/UHF capabilities I no longer need this radio as the one I want has all these features as well.

It has been looked after, looks as new, and comes with a desktop Microphone plus original hand held microphone.

Price: $1000.00 ono  – not giving it away, so no silly offers please.

Stuart Walsh



Major features

  • +30dBm 3rd order intercept point (in 14MHz band)
  • Double conversion superheterodyne system improves inband IMD characteristics
  • 32-bit floating point DSP unit
  • Built-in 15kHz first IF filter and optional 3kHz and 6kHz first IF filters
  • Large monochrome LCD display
  • ±0.5ppm frequency stability
  • Built-in simple band scope
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner
  • All mode (SSB/CW/RTTY/AM/FM)
  • Optional RS-BA1 for IP remote control

All-Band All-Mode Transceiver for Sale


Hello All, as our newsfeed is a little devoid of content, I though I’d take the opportunity to do a little gratuitous self-interest post!

For sale is my Trusty YAESU FT-897D Shack-in-a-box 160m to 70cm All-Mode Transceiver. Selling as I’ve just upgraded to the FT-991.

Unit build date is September 2013 and all its time here in the shack has been spent running my 70cm DStar Hotspot at 2W output, so it’s done very little work.  Includes all original packaging & manuals, cables and standard mic, external analogue meter with Bluetooth CAT interface and USB CAT cable. ICQ_FT897_3

Specs and Info here.

$850 Or Nearest Offer.  Located in Port Macquarie.

Please leave a comment or contact me via the usual methods if interested.